"New York Post"'s Jokes Of The Year (VIDEO)

04/29/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Alex Leo Head of Audience Development, Yahoo!

The "New York Post" compiled a pretty random
list of the year's best jokes by asking comedians to select their favorites. Most of them picked their own jokes, but some chose ones from other comedians they admire. Here are some highlights:

David Letterman: "Why exactly are you here, honest to God?" Gov. Rod Blagojevich: "Well, you know, I've been wanting to be on your show in the worst way, for the longest time." Letterman: "Well, you're on in the worst way, believe me."

Eugene Mirman: "I was thinking about truth or dare, and what the first dare was. I bet it was a cave man daring a cave woman to throw a burning stick at a monster. And I bet she was like, 'Fine, truth.' And I bet he was like, 'OK. What's your biggest fantasy?' And I bet she was like, 'Agriculture.' "

Wendy Liebman: "My husband suffers from migraines. It sucks for him, but it works for me. I'm like, 'Not tonight, honey -- you have a headache.' "

They also did a photo shoot with Sara Benincasa, Judah Friedlander, Richard Belzer and others (photos and the full list of jokes available here. Here's the behind the scenes video: