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Paper Water Bottles: A Brand New Way To Waste!

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Maybe I've got a case of the Mondays, or maybe this is really annoying. I love design. I love green design. But I don't love when people just innovate new ways to waste.

But here we go! Somebody's gone and found a way for us to use fewer plastic bottles -- because we definitely didn't already have a solution to that. That's right, it's the disposable paper-ish bottle!

Every day, Americans throw out somewhere around 60 million plastic bottles, many of them previously used to contain water. It's a staggering figure, and the global market is projected to reach just over 174 billion liters annually, nearly a 78% increase from the 98 billion liters sold in 1999.

The Cincinnati-based firm brandimage designed and engineered the 360 Paper Water Bottle in response to this problem. Made of sustainable materials such as bamboo and palm leaf sheets that are pressed into shape, coated with micro-thin PLA film and designed to be assembled by snapping off and reassembling parts, the 360 challenges our notion of water carriers.

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