Dallas Cowboys Band: "FREE REIGN": Players ROCK (VIDEO)

05/04/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Yeah ... hard to know what to make of this one. It was suggested that I check out Dallas "metal" band Free Reign, so I dutifully Googled the group's MySpace page. Among the foursome's members, Dallas Cowboys linemen Marc Colombo (vocals/guitar), Cory Procter (drums) and Leonard Davis (bass).

Wow. Free Reign is what I'd imagine it would be like if someone put the insanity of The Super Bowl Shuffle and an unhealthy love of sludgy, Slipknot/Papa Roach-style hard rock into a blender and hit puree. Musically, it's competent, but lyrically, Free Reign needs to head back to the drawing board. I will give the fellas this: All in Vain provided some of the heartiest chuckles I've had in a while.



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