05/05/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

"Family Guy," "American Dad" Men Talk Hillary Clinton, Maureen Dowd (VIDEO)

Characters from "Family Guy" and "American Dad" riff on Hillary Clinton and Maureen Dowd in a promo for Fox's Sunday lineup.

"Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State," Peter Griffin says. "What do you think?"

"Well I think she's doing great, but I bet Joe Biden would like a little less blonde ambition at State," Stewie replies.

"I read that in the New York Times!" Roger the Alien says.

"Yeah, that was in Maureen Dowd's column," Cleveland chimes in.

"Well," Stewie stutters, "that Maureen Dowd sounds like one sharp tack. I'll have to start reading her. What paper does she write for again?"


In November, Dowd wrote in the New York Times about Obama's possible selection of Clinton as Secretary of State:

How, one may ask, can he put Hillary -- who voted to authorize the Iraq war without even reading the intelligence assessment -- in charge of patching up a foreign policy and a world riven by that war?

You can hear the gnashing of teeth from John Kerry -- who thought the job was promised to him in return for his endorsement after New Hampshire -- and Bill "Judas" Richardson, who met Friday with Obama in Chicago to discuss the job.

And Joe Biden would probably like a little less blond ambition at State so he could be the shadow secretary. But as James Carville has said, a campaign is the time to stab your enemies and a transition is the time to stab your friends.