05/09/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A Crab Dares Patrick Duffy To Eat A Dime...He Does It (VIDEO)

As some of you may know by now, Patrick Duffy does awesome videos and posts them to YouTube. They're awesome because they involve a crab and Patrick Duffy.

In his first video, the crab was helpful, explaining the general idea of social networking (too much info about too many people) to Duffy, in order to help him navigate the cyber-world. In this episode, the crab goes from a guide to an instigator begging Patrick to eat a dime, then guilting him when he refuses. Stupid crab.

My question is, what exactly does the crab do for Duffy that he has this power over him? Also, why is Patrick Duffy so awesome?