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Original Caption: Kathie Lee Gifford, co-host of the fourth hour of the NBC "Today" television program, reacts to a comment about the length of time she spends in the hair and make-up room daily, as she celebrates her first anniversary on the show, in New York Tuesday, April 7, 2009.


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Janet Napolitano practices her eyeball "roll-and-pop" in case she ever gets invited on Letterman. By Richard22.

Janet Napolitano always psychs herself up with NWA's "Strait Outta Compton" before every press conference. By newsmctado.

Janet Napolitano reacts to Rush Limbaugh's latest broadcast. By Hazelnut.

Janet keeps a watchful eye open for a prank bucket of chocolate sauce. By wadenelson1.

Not sure the sky really is falling, but I HAVE to check, it's my job. By WriteStuffNYC.

Janet reacts to the mistranslation that she suffers from a Napolitano Complex. By oggiedoggie.


"Carrie--The Musical" will premiere next month on the Food Network. By kevingiampa.