05/15/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

McCain Doesn't Name Palin As GOP Leader On Tonight Show (VIDEO)

On Monday's Tonight Show, Sen. John McCain was asked to name the current leader of the Republican Party ("Is it Rush Limbaugh?" Jay Leno asked).

In response, McCain ticked off nearly half a dozen "young and dynamic" Republican governors -- Bobby Jindal, Tim Pawlenty, Jon Huntsman, Mitt Romney, Charlie Crist -- but skipped one name in particular -- his 2008 presidential running mate Sarah Palin.

McCain noted afterwards, "I've left out somebody's name and I'm going to hear about it." Perhaps he just forgot. But if the snub was intentional, it would reflect the sentiments repeatedly expressed by McCain's daughter Meghan, who said last week that she doesn't know whether she could vote for Palin if she runs for president in 2012, and has otherwise refused to discuss the Alaska governor.

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