Twitter #Teaparty War Erupts Over Tax Day

05/16/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

One, two, three, four, I declare Twitter war! Specifically, the Great Teabag Twitter Hashtag Battle of 2009. On your Twitter, today, various progressives are currently hard at work pestering the people lurking on the #teaparty hashtag by sending along messages about the things they are proud to pay taxes for. Hyper-earnest examples include:

I pay taxes because we need educated citizens and public schools can do this best. #teaparty

I pay taxes so future generations can have social security and medicare #teaparty

I pay taxes because when my son & his unit were wounded in Iraq, didn't want them to have to beg Glenn Beck for bandages

I pay taxes because I enjoy the security of a police and fire force and I enjoy the luxury of paved roads #teaparty

All of those Twitterers will be added to Spencer Bachus' Secret List of Socialists, obviously.

Anyway, the true teabag believers aren't taking it lying down, and are responding in kind, with tweets like this one:

Years from now when you are reflecting on us "Nuts" you'll say "Who will stand with us against this" but we will be gone .#teaparty

They will "be gone" because by then, their mighty stack of teabags will reach all the way to Jesus.

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