05/22/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

ABC's "This Week" More Interested In Susan Boyle Than Torture Memos

Funny that a guy like Chuck Todd would describe the recent urgency in the public over the release of the torture memos as something outside the mainstream. When the media looks back on this past period of our lives, chances are, they won't remember it for the torture memos that formed a dark chapter in American life. They'll probably recall this as the week that Susan Boyle sang a song and amazed British people. She's a nice lady, okay? And I'm glad she's triumphed over adversity or obscurity or whatever, but we've literally had her exploits shoved down our throats a little overmuch, don't you think?

Let's recall for example, that This Week with George Stephanopoulos closed out their last Sunday with a segment, in which their political roundtable discussed Boyle. Seriously! When's the last time they devoted time to a bit of pop-cultural effluvia? Let's remember: this panel included George Will, who'd been coming off an old-man rant about how the DENIM PANTALOONS were destroying America.

Watch it, if you want to. There's about nine minutes on Tea Parties. Four minutes on the Hugo Chavez and his scandalous book and handshake. Then, five minutes, about torture memos. And then, apparently to offer Peggy Noonan the LAUGHTER! and the FORGETTING! that she needed to go on living, they devote THREE MINUTES TO THE SINGING LADY. George Will talks about Harry Potter! Sam Donaldson, who wants to ask Castro if he killed Kennedy, wondered aloud if the whole thing was fake! And they mostly interrupted Cokie Roberts.

Anyway, really important news, as usual.

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