Roxana Saberi Begins Hunger Strike: ABC News

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ABC News reports that US journalist Roxana Saberi begins a hunger strike today to protest her prison sentence in Iran. ABC News' George Stephonopoulos was in Tehran and met with the imprisoned journalist's parents, who said she was committed to the hunger strike.

"I tried to dissuade her but she said, 'not this time,'" Reza Saberi told Stephonopoulos. "She is, this time, determined to go on a hunger strike because she says she doesn't deserve to be in there in the prison, she hasn't done anything wrong. She should not be there."

Saberi, a freelance journalist who has worked for NPR and BBC, was convicted of espionage and sentenced to eight years in prison. Yesterday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said he would not intervene in Saberi's case, as reported by Reuters.

Asked in an interview if he would release Saberi as goodwill gesture, Ahmadinejad said through a translator, "I am not a judge. And I do not pass judgment over judicial cases. And in Iran, the judiciary is independent.

Read more about her case here.

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