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Original Caption: President Obama's chief economic adviser Larry Summers falls asleep during a high-profile meeting with credit card industry officials in the White House on Thursday.


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"As a last resort to revive his career, Chevy Chase tries to suck the fame out of any celebrity that comes within reach." By dlet.

This photo surpasses mere creepiness, as lip readers have confirmed she was being asked to help revive the "Vacation" franchise. By Brianwilliard.

Dick and Liz Cheney celebrate after her stunning interview on MSNBC. By BartLA.

"Who is this creepy old guy and why is he kissing me?" By gerardsnj.

Chase demonstrates how to inflate his new Hillary Duff doll. By humuhumunukunukuapuaa.

"I'm Chevy Chase and you're hot" By about half of our readers.


"What do you make of Mr. Cheney's comments, Madame Secretary?" By LeRob.