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Moscow Police Chief Kills Three In Gun Rampage (VIDEO)

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Moscow Police Chief Major Denis Yevsyukov allegedly went on a violent rampage today killing three people in a supermarket, reports Times Online. The police chief argued with his wife at his birthday celebration, and then returned home to change into his uniform before allegedly going on a killing spree, Times Online reports.

Detectives said that he had been at a café with his wife and father-in-law when the row erupted, apparently after she had complained that he was spending too much time at work since being promoted to head the Tsaritsyno police district in southern Moscow in November last year.

A police spokesman said that Mr Yevsyukov killed the driver of a Chevrolet car who had dropped him off outside the 24-hour supermarket shortly after midnight. He then entered the store and began shooting at random.

Watch the video below from CCTV:

The Moscow Times reports on the incident:

Moscow police chief Vladimir Pronin said he had spoken with Yevsyukov and believed that the officer might have suffered a moment of temporary insanity. "His eyes were like saucers. He was out of it, didn't remember anything that had happened and was just crying," Pronin said, Interfax reported.

Yevsyukov "previously had always shown a good character," he said.

If convicted, the police chief faces 20 years to life in prison, it reports.

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