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Original Caption: Calgary Flames fan Scott Patrick, left, has his head painted by Fallon Coburn prior to the Flames' NHL Western Conference hockey playoff game against the Chicago Blackhawks in Calgary, Alberta, Monday, April 27, 2009.


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During a high-profile meeting with credit card industry officials in the White House on Thursday, President Obama announced an upcoming vacancy in the office of Chief Economic Adviser. By Drewbai.

"He was already here and asleep when we arrived." By Firbolg.

Dreaming of the 90's when there was peace, prosperity and topless interns serving drinks in these meetings. By AntonBursch.

"We've got to make a decision here! Is it gonna be the magic marker, the shaving cream or the bowl of warm water?" By laughingcrow.

Larry Summers tries to show off by solving the economic crisis with his eyes closed. By Richard22.

A Mid Summer's Day Dream. By LeftLeanWing.

Larry Summers beat America to the punch. By BartLA.

Alas, the stimulus package that Larry Summers had taken earlier in the day would not take effect for weeks, if not months. By certain doubt.


"As a last resort to revive his career, Chevy Chase tries to suck the fame out of any celebrity that comes within reach." By dlet.