06/01/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Angela Merkel Lingerie Ad Shocks Germany

The AFP reports that German Chancellor Angela Merkel appears in a lingerie ad wearing nothing more than a purple matching bra and panties set.

AFP reports that the ad is for an underwear company that is offering a $7 discount on new undies to anyone who trades in an old pair. The slogan of the campaign is, "The country needs new undies."

The electronic advert on a busy road junction in the heart of former West Berlin was certainly causing a stir on the streets, with scores of people taking snapshots of the billboard with cameras or mobile phones. 'I think it's great. Brilliant. It's a positive signal for the economic situation in Germany," said a 54-year-old.

The Digital Journal reports that Merkel, whose image was apparently photo-shopped for the ad, is not exactly known as a fashion icon in Germany.

Since becoming a well-known political figure Angela Merkel has been regularly criticised and made fun of for her outdated clothes and hairstyle. She says herself that she is not particularly interested in fashion and that she has only recently discovered the joys of make-up or dressing for special occasions.

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