06/01/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Cincinnati's Super Hero (VIDEO)

This story is crazy...crazy awesome that is. WLWT, an NBC affiliate in Cincinnati, did a story earlier this week on the "Shadow Hare"--a man fighting crime on the dangerous streets of Ohio. Shadow was a victim of crime as a young child, as too many people are, and has now dedicated his life to helping others. He leads a group called the "Allegiance of Heroes" who carry pepper spray and tasers, which sounds like a terrible idea, but their hearts seem to be in the right place.

The story made such a splash that the station did a follow-up segment on Shadow (SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO). He's been interviewed on the radio, been asked to make public appearances, and has scored hundreds of thousands of hits online. People are hungry for heroes, what can we say?