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Fox Anchor Makes Barney Frank-Themed Gay Sex Joke (After Criticizing 'Tea Bag' Humor)

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Look at me today, weighing in on the appropriateness and inappropriateness of various forms of humor today, like some learned cultural critic, or something!

Well, we've already established: I don't care for the whole "real person might die, ha ha funny" style of humor. Not for me! But as you probably know, I can go in for a good dirty joke time and time again. I said, "Sex is increasing exponentially!" on CNBC last Friday night and I used to guest blog over at Wonkette before I came here (the old, sex-obsessed Wonkette, not the new anger-enslavement version), so you all know where I stand: on very shaky ground where meeting your parents is concerned.

And I make no bones, for example, about loving me some Tea Party teabagging jokes! Indeed, those jokes are the only really positive thing those Tea Parties gave America. (And that's a good thing! That's one more thing than those IMF protesters with their puppets and piss-balloons and the way they busted up a local Wachovia, FOR GLOBAL JUSTICE!) But I remember people getting all worked up about how MSNBC managed to set the land speed record for teabagging puns. ( actually ran a story headlined, "Cable Anchors, Guests Use Tea Parties as Platform for Frat House Humor." WHY IS THAT?

Here's Tea Party sponsoring Fox Business Channel, getting down a dirty with a sex joke of their own:

BOLLING: And appropriately positioned, Representative Barney Frank, catching of course.

HA. See what Fox Business Channel's Eric Bolling did there, with Barney Frank? It's a wonder that more people don't watch this "Street Meat" show, your one stop shop for sodomizing the recession!

Fox News: Teabagging Jokes Not Funny

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