Baba Booey First Pitch, Shuttle Launch, New Postage Rates, Eat What You Want Day & Hoopz Sextape's EXPLAINED

06/11/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

When everyone starts searching for the exact same thing there is always a reason. Here is what everyone is looking for right now and why...

1) Gary Dell Abate First Pitch, Baba Booey First Pitch -- Long-time Howard Stern producer, Gary Dell'Abate aka Baba Booey, threw out the first pitch at Mets game last night and failed miserably. He said this morning that despite the poor performance, at least the pitch stayed in the television frame. He was there to promote autism awareness, as was Kim Kardashian who did much heels. Video of Baba Booey's first picth available here.

2) Shuttle Launch, Space Shuttle Launch Schedule, NASA TV,, Atlantis Launch, Hubble Telescope -- Space shuttle Atlantis is expected to launch today for one last flight to the Hubble Space Telescope to replace its batteries and gyroscopes. Seven astronauts will attempt the incredibly complicated work. More info on the shuttle launch here.

3) New Postage Rates, Forever Stamps, USPS Rates, Postage Increase 2009 -- Postage prices rose today from 42 cents to 44 cents for a standard letter. The postal service says the rate hike was necessary due to rising production cost. You'll still be able to use your forever stamps that you purchased at 41 or 42 cents, they are good regardless of rate increases. More info on the new postage rates here.

4) Eat What You Want Day -- May 11 is Eat What You Want Day, although with obesity rates what they are, one must wonder if this holiday comes only once a year. More info on Eat What You Want Day here.

5) Hoopz Sextape, Hoopz Tape -- "Hoopz" aka Nikki Alexander, was a contest on the reality show "Flavor of Love." A sex tape of her and a former boyfriend has been released with hardcore imagery by infamous celebrity sex tape broker Mr. ZZee. More info on Hoopz's sextape here.

6) Celebrity Apprentice, Who Won The Apprentice 2009 -- The brassy Joan Rivers won the "Celebrity Apprentice" last night. She beat out nemesis, poker champ Annie Duke, to win $250,000 God's Love We Deliver. More info on Joan River's "Celebrity Apprentice" win here.

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