06/14/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

"Mark Levin" Guest Host Calls Maddow A "Little Boy", Perez Hilton A "Vile Sodomite" (AUDIO)

Andrew Wilkow, the guest host for the highly rated right-wing "Mark Levin Show", went on a tirade Tuesday night against Democrats. While it shouldn't be a surprise that a right-wing talk host would slam Democrats, Wilkow's tirade was particularly nasty. He aimed his darts at everyone from Rachel Maddow to Perez Hilton. Wilkow called Maddow a "nice little boy" and Perez was referred to as a "vile sodomite". He even went after White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

At least Wilkow proved himself out of step with certain GOP thinking. The chief recruiter for House Republicans, California Representative Kevin McCarthy, told Bloomberg news recently that Emanuel's strategies are an inspiration for the GOP's plan to win back power in 2010.

Read the partial transcript from Salon and listen to the audio here:

"Perez Hilton, who I am now terming a vile sodomite . . . yeah, Perez, you're a vile sodomite - doesn't that word have a ring to it - sodomite -- and vile - vile sodomite - it just sounds so good to hear in my headphones - vile sodomite . . . . I'm not sure whose idea it was to have an overweight homosexual . . . What do gays constitute? They could announce the cure for AIDS on Logo and nobody would know for two weeks . . . And again, Perez Hilton, you're a vile sodomite . . . and then this vile sodomite . . .

You, the idiot taxpayer, are paying the salary of that nice little boy, Rachel Maddow . . . Keith Olbermann's nephew, Rachel Maddow . . . ."