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Scritti Politti: May 18, 2009

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Folks, if you hear just one interview with Department of Transportation Secretay Ray LaHood conducted as the secretary made his way by car to Peoria, Illinois, make it the one conducted by Friend of Eat The Press Ana Marie Cox for her most recent Air America radio show. Seriously! Do it. LaHood may paint himself as a new convert to high speed rail, but he comes across as sincerely excited about the opportunties and benefits that could come out of making a major investment. More importantly, he just seems unimpressed and unintimidated by the critics and naysayers. Also, stick around for a chat with Agence France Presse's Olivier Knox and the Washington Times' Christina Bellantoni.

Beware Of Lapdog: Back once again is our ongoing series on the awesome regulatory power of your Securities and Exchange Commission as they build their awesome monument to zealous oversight. Did you detect the sarcasm, there? It doesn't always come across online? Anyway, in case you were wondering, YES THE SEC IS JUST USELESS.

MoDoBooBooDayTwo: Dan Kennedy highlights how Howell Raines busted the Boston Globe's chops in the wake of Mike Barnicle's plagiarism scandal, and suggests that further work is being done to re-examine Maureen Dowd's columns for past incidents. Kennedy says: "I'd also guess that the next 24 hours will be key. Right now, we can assume that dozens (hundreds?) of bloggers are scouring every column she's ever written." Truly, those are the unluckiest bloggers in the universe.

Today's Sign of Print's Demise: CJR's Liz Cox Barrett highlights this Bloomberg story that reports: "With the industry in turmoil from plunging circulation, just three of the 16 graduating seniors who were on the [Harvard] Crimson executive board...are seeking positions in journalism." I'd suggest that similar numbers be put together to see how many Crimson editors are planning to make the jump to journalism career, except I know from past experience that basically every student at Harvard is a Crimson editor at one time or another.

And We Will All Go Down Together: Via Videogum, this was, indeed, as sharp as knives.

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