06/18/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Tom Price: Rush Limbaugh "Counterproductive" ... Doesn't "Decide Who Ought To Be In The Republican Party" [UPDATE]

UPDATE: From HuffPost's Susan Crile: Rush Limbaugh bit back at Rep. Tom Price, the Georgia Republican who earlier today disagreed with the talk radio host in an appearance on MSNBC.

How in the world can a Republican say that Colin Powell is a better Republican than Dick Cheney? How -- and that's what Tom Price said here... It was Colin Powell who endorsed Obama after the Republican Party gave Colin Powell the exact kind of nominee he claims to want, some moderate squishy guy who was going to go work with Democrats.

Earlier today, Price was asked by Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough host whether or not he agrees with Limbaugh and former VP Dick Cheney that Colin Powell should not be in the Republican party. The congressman said he disagrees, and added that Limbaugh's approach was "counterproductive."

"(I)t's not up to Rush Limbaugh to decide who ought to be in the Republican Party," Price said.

In the same radio segment, Limbaugh suggested that Powell supported President Obama because of a racial bias.

After playing an audio clip of Democratic strategist Bob Shrum saying, "We'd take Colin Powell in a second, and we don't want Rush Limbaugh," Limbaugh said, "You've got Colin Powell. This is the whole point -- you've got him, and you didn't even have to do any outreach. All you had to do was nominate an African-American, and you've got Colin Powell."


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Another day, another sunrise, another cup of coffee in the morning, and -- what's this? -- another member of the GOP is asked to account for his stance on whatever it was that either Rush Limbaugh, New Face Of The GOP, or Dick Cheney, Old and Also Maybe New Face Of The GOP Anyway Suddenly He's Talking All The Time After Eight Years Of Profane Mumblecore And Shooting His Friends In The Face, had said. Today, it's Representative Tom Price, from the 6th District of Georgia, doing the honors. From Monday's Morning Joe, here's where Price comes down on whether or not he agrees with Cheney and Limbaugh that Colin Powell should not be in the Republican Party.

SCARBOROUGH: Congressman, do you disagree with Rush Limbaugh that Colin Powell should leave the Republican Party?

PRICE: Look, it's not up to Rush Limbaugh to decide who ought to be in the Republican Party. There are all sorts of wonderful folks across this land who hold dear the fundamental principles that we, as Republicans -

SCARBOROUGH: But do you disagree with that viewpoint, Congressman? You disagree with that viewpoint that Colin Powell should not be a Republican? You want him to be a Republican?

PRICE: I'm an arms-open guy. I want folks all across this land who believe in the fundamental American principles that we embrace to join us and move forward in a positive way as opposed to the kind of exclusive decision that we so often see in Washington. It's so counterproductive.

SCARBOROUGH: Congressman, do you believe that Rush Limbaugh or Dick Cheney are better, quote -- I'm just using terms that we hear every day on TV and radio -- that they are somehow better Republicans than Colin Powell?

PRICE: No. Goodness.

Will this settle this important matter, of whether Colin Powell will remain a Republican or not? Yeah, probably not! But until we get some new prism through which to view the future of the GOP, this will have to do!


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