Media Matters Highlights Journalistic Integrity, Even At Fox News (VIDEO)

06/21/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Most media organizations are used to getting dogged and criticized by Media Matters For America, but, via Greg Sargent, it seems that the organization is launching a new initiative to point out examples of good journalism as well. Here's their initial video mashup of solid work. Running against expectations, perhaps, Fox News gets cited for praise four times. In fact, Bill O'Reilly, who's long had Media Matters in his menagerie of betes noires, gets a nod here as well. (For my part, they sort of have to work to get O'Reilly in, but that's a matter for debate, I guess.)


Sargent reports that Media Matters will highlight "more of what it sees as good journalism" as well as "offering more non-media policy analysis" in the future.

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