The 'Tonight Show''s Best Political Moments Of The Past 17 Years (VIDEO)

06/28/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

In the past two decades, Jay Leno has interviewed everyone from Hillary Clinton to Henry Kissinger on the "Tonight Show" and now, in his final week as host, his team has compiled the best moments from these appearances.

Joe Biden mocking his tendency to stick his foot in his mouth, opened the show by shouting, "Live from New York it's Saturday night!" George W. Bush put on an Al Gore mask, Dennis Kucinich played the dating game, and Hillary Clinton acted as Jay's woman-on-the-street.

It's not only a hilarious look at our politicians at their most self-deprecating, but an interesting reminder of a time when Barack Obama was the underdog, when hanging chads were all we could talk about and when the Arnold married in to America's most famous Democratic family.


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