Trooper Fights Paramedics With Patient Still In Ambulance (VIDEO)

07/01/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Oklahoma's Tulsa World newspaper reports on a bizarre scuffle this past week after a highway patrol officer pulled over an ambulance that was carrying a patient headed for the hospital, but didn't have its siren on.

The patrolman apparently intended to issue a 'failure to yeild' citation to the ambulance driver, and was angered when he believed one of the paramedics gave him a middle finger.

Despite being told that the woman in the ambulance needed to get to the hospital, the trooper insisted that one of the paramedics be detained in his car. When he tried to handcuff a paramedic, a fight ensued, which was filmed by the husband of the patient.

Eventually the patrolman allowed the ambulance to go to the hospital. An investigation over the incident "has been turned over to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol's Internal Affairs Unit and a county prosecutor," the Tulsa World reports.

Read the full story here, or watch video:

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