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NYT Edits 'Sharp Tongue' Sotomayor Headline

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As you may have heard, there was this one time that Judge Sonia Sotomayor totally interrupted a government lawyer, for the first time ever in the history of jurisprudence, and ever since, the media has been dining out on allegations that the new Supreme Court nominee was a difficult person - nevermind the fact that these same qualities of brusqueness are downright celebrated in the persona of Antonin Scalia. Well, last week, the New York Times, opting to join the chorus late over attempting something original on their own, published their own version of the story. I thought it nonsensical. Since then, Slate/Double X's Dahlia Lithwick has caught the Times doing a little bit of pruning:

Anyone notice that the New York Times story by Jo Becker and Adam Liptak about Sotomayor raising "questions about her judicial temperament and willingness to listen" was subject to a headline makeover this morning? The headline this morning? "Sotomayor's Sharp Tongue Raises Issue of Temperament." The headline now? "Sotomayor's Blunt Style Raises Issue of Temperament."

Lithwick adds: "Any bets on what the headline writers there are teeing up for the confirmation itself? 'Harridan's Harrowing Ride?' 'Shrill Shrew Shatters Senate?' 'Vetting the Virago?'" If this is the direction we're going in, I'm hoping that her encounter with the GOP membership of the Senate Judiciary Committee inspires someone to borrow "The Woman Makes The Men All Pause" pun from Public Enemy's "She Watch Channel Zero."

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