07/08/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

John Krasinski On Eating Kate Winslet's Cooking And His New Dog

Sam Mendes is not usually associated with comedy.

When you're that good, as I think Sam is, you can do anything. I think he proves that with this movie for sure. It's a different type of comedy. It hinges on how much you love the characters, and that's what Sam's so good at. I think he's the best storytelling director we have right now. His theater background and ability to tell the story of a relationship is astounding.

Was his wife, Kate Winslet, hanging around the set?

She came by. She cooked us dinner the night before we shot to wish us luck and welcome us to the movie, which is insane! Yes, I'm talking about the Kate Winslet, the incredible award-winner. She was cooking us dinner. It didn't seem to add up. But then again, seeing my name on the poster for this movie didn't add up, either.

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