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Climate Bill: Families To Receive $300 In Rebates

DINA CAPPIELLO   06/ 8/09 01:36 PM ET   AP

Electric Power

WASHINGTON — A new analysis predicts that low-income families will receive hundreds of dollars a year to help pay higher energy bills if Congress enacts the first-ever limits on the gases blamed for global warming.

But it is unclear just how much more those families will have to pay for energy.

A Congressional Budget Office analysis of global warming legislation estimates that low-income families could initially receive $161-$359 in the form of a credit or rebate, if the bill becomes law. That amount could rise to $282-$628 by 2019, depending on the family's size.

The money would come from the government's auction of pollution permits.

Studies have estimated that the average household could pay an extra $98 to $1,600 a year in energy costs because of the bill.


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