07/10/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Daily Show Offers 'Correction' To Morning Joe For Mocking "Sarcastic" Product Placement (VIDEO)

Overshadowed, perhaps, by one of the most hotly anticipated episodes of the Colbert Report in a while, last night also served up a strong and incisive episode of the Daily Show, with plenty of media skewering. Eat The Press readers will probably most enjoy Jon Stewart's follow up to last week's piece on Morning Joe's decision to affix a tacky little co-branding badge from Starbucks to their news program, ensuring that the hosts of the show would forever fondle Starbucks coffee cups on the air, just like the American Idol hosts fondle Coca Cola-branded cups, and despite the fact that Starbucks doesn't actually make the Scotch that's inside each one. The sweet, sweet, pain-killing Scotch.

Anyway, apparently since the Daily Show's segment ran, capturing the synergistic way the cast of MSNBC's morning klatsch hoisted cups constantly into the frame, Morning Joe has responded -- SPEAKING OUT, as it were -- by saying that the whole thing was just a sarcastic joke. Good to know!

Scarborough calls out Stewart's "ninety writers" for having no one among their company capable of divining the sarcasm, which led to a delightful scene of Stewart admonishing a room stuffed to the breaking point with comedy writers for their failings. Many media companies will borrow that model, now, to survive the recession.


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