New iPhone Gives 'Phone Sex' New Meaning

07/12/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Apple introduced the iPhone 3GS on Monday and with it, a new era of phone sex will come. According to, the gadget's improved camera, speed, compass and voice control make it the best option for doing it telephonically. Here are some of the features to get excited about:

Video sharing will also be able to be shared by other means (like MobileMe, MMS - if your provider supports it - and YouTube). No word yet on being able to be shared via Xtube. Perhaps that will one day be easier in one of the many new countries the iPhone will be in, since apparently the US is still sex-shy.


Enhanced speed. The example Apple gives is that the New York Times site opens 2.9x faster in Safari. The example they don't give you - but should - is that finding out sex advice from MSP (like when you can't remember the name of my favorite mint julep flavored body sugar or the name of any number of vibrators) is also likely faster. Loading your favorite porn sites may be, too. What, as if you don't check out porn on your iPhone? Riiiiiiiight.

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