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Tom Hanks And Stephen Colbert Make Care Packages For The Troops: It Does Not Go Well (VIDEO)

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Before Colbert left for Iraq last week, he and Tom Hanks prepared a segment that shows the pair putting together care packages for the troops. Last night it aired, during Colbert's third show from Iraq, and it was not pretty.

The two men poured Tang into the boxes, compared Iraq to trail mix, and were a general mess. At one point Colbert decided to ship puppies and ice cream to the troops. Hanks stopped him saying, "You can't send ice cream and puppies! The puppies will eat the ice cream!" They then tried to train a puppy to hate ice cream--a technique Hanks used later when trying to train Colbert to hate ice cream.

They finally decided that instead of puppies and ice cream they would send an ice sculpture of a puppy chopped up into little pieces. It was awesome.


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