Jon Stewart Teases Katie Couric About Ratings, Old Viewers: "Every Three Stories, A Free Prostate Exam!" (VIDEO)

07/13/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Jon Stewart teased Katie Couric about her newscast's rating woes — and its older viewers — Thursday night on "The Daily Show."

Couric, who paid the show her first visit in six years, told Stewart, "I wish I could do a newscast like yours — boy, your language, young man!"

Stewart offered several suggestions for Couric to boost the ratings on the CBS Evening News, — which last week hit their lowest point ever — including "News Bingo," and a segment titled "Call Your Mother," where college kids are brought on to call random people in Florida.

"Why aren't you my executive producer?" Couric joked.

But the three funniest suggestions Stewart had for Couric were ideas for promotions geared at her audience (average age: 62).

"Win a date with Katie, she'll do the news at living community?" was one.

"Why don't you read, at the end of your broadcast, a list of all the viewers that you've lost that night?" was another.

"How about this? Every three stories, a free prostate exam!" was the last.

Couric, ever a good sport, also joked about her six-year absence from "The Daily Show."

"I was waiting for you to come here, because I knew you were busy retooling network news and I didn't want to interrupt," Stewart told her.

"That's worked out pretty well, hasn't it?" she replied.


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