07/16/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Netroots Push For "No" Votes On War-Funding Bill (VIDEO)

In anticipation of Tuesday's House vote on the war supplemental spending bill, which still includes money for the International Monetary Fund but not the detainee photo ban, online activists on both sides of the political spectrum are pushing key members of Congress to kill the war bill.

The antiwar left is trying to lock down congressmen who signed a 2007 pledge not to approve further war funding without an exit strategy. Meanwhile, the anti-IMF right is leaning on Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats who supported the doomed 2007 bill, which would have imposed harsh economic sanctions on Iran, a recipient of funding from the IMF.

Working with Jane Hamsher's FireDogLake, documentary filmmaker and activist Robert Greenwald recorded a series of 11 videos asking the residents of individual states to call their representatives and either thank them for opposing the supplemental or urge them to oppose it.

"I've just returned from a trip to Afghanistan as part of Brave New Films' 'Rethink Afghanistan' campaign, and I can tell you that the third poorest country in the world does not need an infusion of billions of wasted dollars on military solutions to very deep and profound problems," Greenwald said in the video directed at a Massachusetts audience. "The problems are political, they're economic and they're social. Forty percent unemployment in Afghanistan will not be cured by sending over foreign troops who become organizing elements for the Taliban."


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