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British Expense Scandal Claims Highlighted

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Britain's Parliament posted copies of lawmakers' expense claims online Thursday, weeks after uncensored files were leaked to a newspaper. Here are some of the new revelations about what legislators charged the public for:


TONY BLAIR: The former prime minister claimed 6,900 ($11,230) for roof repairs days before he quit Parliament, 260 pounds ($425) for shredding of confidential data and charged for daily newspapers _ at a cost of about 1,168 pounds ($1,912) per year.


DAVID CAMERON: Britain's opposition Conservative Party leader _ a likely future prime minister _ used public money to help sharpen his public speeches, charging 10.99 pounds ($18) for "The Penguin Book of Historic Speeches."


ED BALLS: Senior Cabinet minister and an ally of Prime Minister Gordon Brown claimed about 1 pound ($1.72) for some peanuts, and about 8 pounds for a book entitled "Reasons to be Cheerful."


GEORGE OSBORNE: Senior opposition Conservative lawmaker George Osborne charged 47 pounds ($77) for two DVDs of one of his own speeches, entitled "Value for Taxpayers' Money."


LEMBIT OPIK: Opposition Liberal Democrat lawmaker submitted a claim for 19.99 pounds ($32.72) for a comedy wig to wear to a charity bash.


GRAHAM BRADY: After locking himself out of his home, the Conservative legislator called out a locksmith _ and claimed the 70.50 pounds ($115) fee on expenses.


JEREMY HUNT: The Conservative lawmaker submitted a bill for 1 pence ($0.016) for a 12-second phone call.

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