07/20/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

National Review Cover Story On "The Beauty Of Drilling" To Be A Disappointment

Oh, the delights of the National Review's cover stories! Earlier this month, I think we all enjoyed ourselves immensely when the magazine, in their record-our-thoughtfulness-for-all-posterity way, designed a cover for their Sonia Sotomayor cover story that oddly depicted her as an Asian. It was a cunning stratagem! Do something glancingly racist, wait for the response you intended to draw to roll in, and then spout your grandiose indignance all over the place. It truly was something close to brilliance, and it went just the way the magazine drew it up.

When I heard about this week's cover story, even though it was for vastly different reasons and context, I was nevertheless excited all over again! Until I actually saw the cover.

What a letdown! See, I was originally under the impression that the story was titled, "The Beauty of Drilling Jonah Goldberg From An Oil Platform." Sadly, not so. In fairness, that's precisely the sort of story that only the National Review can tell.

[Hat tip: Josh Glasstetter!]

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