Thursday's Late Night Round-Up: iPhone Porn, The Real World, Michael Jackson, And More! (VIDEO)

07/27/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hey everyone! We assume you're over the worst part of your mourning for the tragic death of the King of Pop, so we thought we'd try to help you through the last final stages with a little humor.

Jimmy Kimmel showed how some Michael Jackson fans were so distraught over their idol's death that, unable to reach the real Hollywood Star representing Jackson, they gathered around the star of renowned (but not so famous) radio man Michael Jackson's star. Just Beat It! He also showed how scientists continue to let down the real-world community with their ridiculous projects: this time concentrating their vast intellects on creating a 'robot Pinocchio.'

Conan took on porn coming to the iPhone, and noted with satisfaction that we now have a two-for-one deal. He also ragged on the LA Clippers, as he likes to do.

Letterman continued his skillful coverage of the Iranian elections and the follies of Governor Mark Sanford. Obama is playing tough with Iran: he dis-invited their reps from the White House Fourth of July BBQ. Burn!

Stewart discussed his new reality show on TLC.


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