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Was Michael Jackson The World's Biggest Environmentalist? (VIDEO, POLL)

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TreeHugger: "Michael Jackson was famous for his socially-conscious music, but "Earth Song," his big, bold environmental call-to-arms, is often overlooked. Still, by sheer dint of his reach, the song might have made Jackson (who bears no relation to U.S. EPA chief Lisa Jackson) a kind of super-sized Al Gore, a decade before An Inconvenient Truth."


Watch the video of the UK chart-topping anthem, which came out in 1995, but was never released as a single here in the US.

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What Do You Think of Michael Jackson's "Earth Song" and Video?

Pretty great, his environmental message still applies today.

Eh, I like the "Black and White" video better.

Sorry, MJ, but this one is just too hokey.

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