Americans Back Public Health Care, New Polls Reaffirm

08/01/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Two new polls show that Americans support health care reform, but they're concerned about costs.

Quinnipiac found that 69 percent of voters nationwide say Americans should have the option of government-run health insurance, even though only 28 percent would choose to be covered by it. Voters say 49 - 45 percent they would pay more to reform health care, but 72 percent don't want to pay more than $500 a year.

CNN found that 51% of Americans support President Obama's health care reform plan. The president has said that he wants a public option, although he has not committed to vetoing legislation that does not include it. Fifty-five percent think the U.S. health care system is in need of a great deal of reform, and two-thirds believe that the president's plan would allow them to see the same doctors they currently receive care from. But 54% of respondents think their medical insurance costs will increase if the Obama plan becomes law,

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