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Obama: Prolonged Detentions Could Happen, But It "Gives Me Huge Pause"

07/ 2/09 03:08 PM ET   AP


WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama says he's open to the idea of detaining some Guantanamo Bay terror suspects somewhere else for prolonged periods, but it may turn out that he won't be comfortable with any proposals to do that.

In an interview with The Associated Press on Thursday, Obama said the idea of indefinite detentions as part of his legacy as president "gives me huge pause."

But the president says there are some detainees who don't fall neatly into existing categories for criminal prosecution in the United States or under international law.

Obama says that dealing with these situations is going to be "one of the biggest challenges" of his administration. The president says he's not comfortable imposing indefinite detentions by executive order. But he didn't explicitly rule it out.


Filed by Rachel Weiner  |