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iPhone Overheating: Apple Blames The Weather

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Reports began circulating on the web last week that the new Apple iPhone 3GS was regularly overheating. The phone, released on June 19, would become warm during use -- in some cases allegedly too hot to handle -- and the screen would become discolored. Was there a design glitch in Apple's new roll-out?

After almost a week of silence, Apple has posted a warning on one of their support sites. And they blame... "the weather," according to a cheeky headline in a British newspaper.

From The UK Telegraph:

In its message, Apple says that the iPhone has a safety feature which warns users that the device is becoming too hot. As well as leaving the handset in a car, it says that the phone may overheat when left in direct sunlight for prolonged periods, when GPS tracking is used in a car on a hot day or when its iPod function is used in direct sunlight. [...]

iPhone 3GS users on Mac forums complain, however, that the handset becomes hot when it is not being used in a car. In a posting on the forum, one user complained that using the new device's video recording feature had caused it to overheat while another complained that after carrying his phone in a backpack, it got so hot that the plastic case became distorted with tiny bumps.

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