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Have you been paying attention this week? Test your knowledge of international events by taking our Weekly World News Quiz based on the past week's main news stories. And don't forget to compete against your friends on Facebook.

1) Name the three countries the Obamas will be visiting this week. *
Russia, Italy, Ghana
Russia, Israel, Ghana
Russia, Italy, Kenya
2) Which day last week saw the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq? *
3) What was unveiled in Israel last week? *
An ancient Roman chamber pot
An ancient Roman floor mosaic
An ancient Roman abacus
4) Silvio Berlusconi was last week criticised for attending dinner where? *
The home of a judge
The home of a political rival
The home of an 18-year-old girl
5) Name the Great Train robber who was refused parole after years in prison last week. *
Roger Cordrey
William Boal
Ronnie Biggs
6) Liquid gas on a cargo train led to an explosion and fire at a seaside town in which mediterranean country? *
7) What is the name of the Honduran president forced into exile after a coup last week? *
Manuel Zapata
Manuel Zolonqua
Manuel Zelaya
8) What was the cost of keeping the monarchy for British taxpayers last year? *
9) Where did rescuers find the sole survivors of last week's Yemeni plane crash? *
Indian Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Atlantic Ocean
10) How did Gordon Brown describe UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon's visit to Burma, before the trip? *
The chance to check it out
The chance to chat
The chance for a new beginning

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