Bruno Visits 'Today,' Tries To Manhandle Matt Lauer

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Thursday on 'Today' Bruno received some devastating news. Luckily Matt Lauer was there to console him.

Lauer informed the fashionista that the Austrian foreign minister to Great Britain has called for a boycott of 'Bruno,' which opens in theaters Friday.

Perched like a cat in his chair and wearing a silver lame jumpsuit, Bruno choked up.

"VAT? Austria's turning on me now? This is a very private moment, close up please," he told the camera through his tears. "That is just so Austrian: they build you, zhen they knock you down."

"Hug me, I feel so lonely," Bruno cried as he leapt from his chair towards Lauer's arms. Unfortunately, the segment faded to black before viewers could witness a man-on-man embrace.


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