08/10/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Madoff Mail: Website Solicits Angry Letters For Bernie

A new website wants you to tell Bernie Madoff exactly how you feel. The e-newsletter Thrillist today pointed to "Madoff Mail," a kind of web experiment that's asking for user-submitted letters, cards and posters that will be sent to Madoff in prison.

Every six months, Madoff Mail will deliver what presumably will be a boatload of angry missives to Bernie's prison address. The Madoff Mail website says that they'll also be hosting a gallery show of some of the better submissions in late 2009.

There are already some rather creative takes -- think Madoff as The Fonz and Madoff as Mini-Me. One handwritten note reads:

"Dear Bernie, Honestly, that was pretty damn impressive. If only the global financial system hadn't collapsed. Tough break..."

Visit the Madoff Mail website here.

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