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Meredith Vieira Insults Guest Over Her "Ugly Yellow Dress" (VIDEO)

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Meredith Vieira wishes she could take back this extremely rude comment after "The Soup" catches Vieira insulting one of her guests live on the "Today Show."

Vieira was interviewing Janice Lieberman, described as a consumer expert, on the great deals one can get from buying goods at police auctions. After Lieberman lists the wide range of products available, Vieira lets loose this astonishingly inappropriate comment:

I can see all the NBC bean counters, all of my wardrobe is going to be from, starting with (pointing at her guest) that ugly yellow dress.

Groans of amazement can be heard on the set, and Vieira desperately tries to salvage the situation by saying frantically, "No, it looks cute on you. It looks cute on her!"