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Obama On Nuclear Weapons: Washington, Moscow Must Take The Lead

07/10/09 09:43 AM ET   AP


L'AQUILA, Italy — President Barack Obama says the United States and Russia must show they're "fulfilling their commitments" to lead global efforts to curb the spread of nuclear weapons.

Obama told a news conference at the end of the G-8 summit that if the two superpowers demonstrate that they will limit or eliminate these weapons, it would strengthen their moral authority to speak to others, like North Korea and Iran.

The president said it was important that other countries understand that efforts to control the spread of these weapons are "not just being imposed" on them by countries which already have a nuclear weapons capability.

Obama said there is a need to build "a system of international norms" for nuclear weapons. With respect to North Korea and Iran, he said "it's not a matter of singling them out ... but a standard that everybody can live by."


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