08/14/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bob Woodruff's Iraq Return Trip Spoiled By Sandstorm

ABC News' Bob Woodruff's long-awaited return to Iraq has been spoiled by sandstorms.

Woodruff, who was injured in Iraq in 2006, and was returning to the field for the first time since his recovery, was forced to move on to Afghanistan because of bad weather in Iraq. He spoke about the situation with Chris Cuomo on "Good Morning America" today, saying "I really wish this had not happened, that the sandstorm had not stopped us. I wanted to come back..."

Although Woodruff was disheartened by having to leave Iraq, he seemed optimistic about the overall situation there.

"There's a lot more hope that this country will return,",he said. "And certainly a lot of the people, the insurgents who were fighting against the United States and other foreign countries for so long have now calmed down."

Watch the segment here.