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Hezbollah Converts Lebanese Homes Into Secret Weapons Warehouses: Israel

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The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is estimating that Hezbollah has converted hundreds of homes in southern Lebanon into secret warehouses for storing rockets, the Jerusalem Post reports.

The IDF's estimation came in the wake of an explosion in the area on Tuesday morning which is believed to have been a cache exploding in a house.

The Post reports that UNIFIL, the UN peace keeping forces in Lebanon, said such storage of munitions is a "serious violation" of the UN resolution that ended the 2006 Lebanese conflict.

Israeli officials also criticized the stashed weapons, telling the Jerusalem Post that it is evidence of Israel's "longstanding claim that Hezbollah uses civilian infrastructure to hide its weaponry."

UNIFIL and the Lebanese army are conducting investigations into Tuesday's bombing, Reuters reports.

Reuters writes that Hezbollah had no comment on Tuesday's explosion.

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