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Best Late Night Jokes Of The Week: Palin, Sanford, Sotomayor, And More! (VIDEO)

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Good afternoon, my late night lovers! It's been quite a week, hasn't it? Our beloved comics have struggled, but ultimately succeeded, in wresting comedy from the extraordinary monotony that were the Sonia Sotomayor confirmation hearings. Hats off to them for that feat.

The Sarah Palin fallout continued because the woman cannot open her mouth without causing every comedian to jump for joy.

Same goes for Governor Mark Sanford. The man seems to be trying his hardest to make late night comedy as easy a process as possible. We're excited to see what other embarrassing details the man has in store for us.

Michael Jackson's death (sad) and the resulting media coverage (funny!) were exhausting. Next week will undoubtedly bring more.

So, we bid goodbye for now. We've gathered some of our favorite clips from throughout the week, sprinkled with a few new ones from last night, to gently ease you into the weekend.

Enjoy, and see you next week!


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