08/21/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Who Will Win The Small Car Wars? (PHOTOS, VOTE)

For automakers across the globe, small is the new big.

Gone are the days of gas guzzling SUVs and huge payloads. Car sales, driving habits and consumer's budgets have all been summarily downsized. As GM and Chrysler attempt to resurrect their embattled companies, both Detroit manufacturers have announced that small, fuel-efficient cars will figure prominently in their future.

Better yet, diminutive cars modeled after European brands could very well figure prominently in America's economic future. GM announced recently that its forthcoming Michigan small car plant will create 1,200 jobs. Ford, for its part, has promised that it will market a small car to India in the next few years.

But there are already a handful of small cars on the market or nearing the market, both in America and abroad. Toyota and Honda already have a strong presence in this market, but which new small car do you find the most appealing? Which has the best chance of remaking the automobile industry? Which would you drive? View our SLIDESHOW and VOTE below:

The Small Car Wars: Which Tiny Car Will Remake The Auto Industry?
The Small Car Wars: Which Tiny Car Will Remake The Auto Industry?

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