GOP Lady Gaga Parody: "Just Tax" (VIDEO)

08/22/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

You know, when Michael Steele promised to revitalize the GOP with a series of incoherent hip-hop jams, few took him seriously. But some have answered the call! Remember the "Young Cons?" They were like the Kool Herc of conservative hip hop, flossing up a storm on the YouTubes. Now, straight outta the Pence youth initiative comes Peter Cowman, limply lip-dubbing over some of Lady GaGa's beats, complaining about taxes and junk!


To quote Idlewild's song, "American English," maybe this kid is young without youth, or maybe he's old without knowing anything true. As Matt Yglesias notes, citing the work of David Madland and Ruy Teixeira, "What's interesting about this particular youth outreach angle is how detached it is from any actual opinions held by young people." That said, this Peter Cowman fellow has managed to make the Lyte Funky Ones look hard by comparison, so this effort is not without accomplishment.

That said, this is a bigger issue than partisan politics. This is about stopping fake rap, regardless of ideology. Please follow the links below to learn how you can do more to help. And if you see fake rap happening in your community, shut that nonsense down.

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