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Miss Israel Swimsuit Competition Poses Challenge For Arab Minorities (VIDEO)

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How far can one young woman push a conservative culture? Duah Fares is an Arab-Israeli teenager and member of the Druze minority, a religious sect living predominantly in Israel, Syria and Lebanon. She longs to be an international superstar like Angelina Jolie.

But when she changes her name to Angelina and sets her sights on the Miss Israel pageant, her tight-knit religious community balks. Miss Israel requires a bathing suit competition, but to appear that way in public would disgrace her family and even put her in danger from those who would rather see her dead than see the community dishonored.

Contestant No. 2
follows Fares and her family as they navigate the boundaries of traditional values while she tries to achieve her dream.

This episode of WIDE ANGLE is the U.S. television version of the theatrical film Lady Kul el Arab.

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