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Lou Dobbs: "All Of The Folks At CNN Are Just Terrifically Supportive" (VIDEO)

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Today on RFD-TV's Imus in the Morning CNN host Lou Dobbs happily described how supportive his colleagues and management have been throughout the recent controversy -- and slipping ratings -- Dobbs stirred up by contributing to and promoting the "birthers" conspiracy theory on his radio show. "Jon Klein, all of the folks at CNN, are just terrifically supportive," Dobbs told Imus. "I just couldn't ask for more support from all of my colleagues, my friends and management." He paused for a reflexive moment. "What's really interesting is, why in the world these left wing folks are even so agitated."

Yesterday we reported that the Media Matters ad attacking Dobbs -- titled CNN's Lou Dobbs' Problem, and set to run on CNN -- will not run during Dobbs' show, or on CNN at all.

Update: Dobbs continues to display great good cheer and comfort with his CNN co-workers. Tonight on CNN, while talking with Candy Crowley, Dobbs jokingly cautions his colleague not to "say 'birthers'" on his show. In a segment on "Health Care Heckling" Crowley brings the discussion around to birthers -- calling them "crazy people" and "wackos." Dobbs interrupts her: "Oh God, don't say 'birthers', whatever you do, not on this broadcast." He then dissolves into laughter. After a brief pause, he bids Crowley good night and adds, "And by the way, you can say 'birther' whenever you want, it's okay. It's what you say after it that's critically imp--" Dobbs interrupts himself laughing.